Employee Relations 

Managing employee relations across national boundaries involves understanding and complying with local labour laws, regulations, and employment practices. We will help address cross-border issues related to employee rights, collective bargaining, labour unions, and workplace regulations in different countries.

Global HR Policies and Practices

Developing and implementing consistent HR policies and practices that align with the organization’s global strategy. We can help adapt and standardise HR policies while considering local legal requirements, cultural norms and business practices.

Compensation and Benefits

Advising and coordinating legal advice on compensation and benefits across national boundaries regarding diverse labour markets, currencies, tax regulations and cost-of-living variations.

Cross-Cultural Management

We can help with understanding and managing cultural differences in a global context. This would involve promoting cultural diversity, developing intercultural competence, creating policies and practices that accommodate cultural variations across different countries.

Global Performance Management

Effective performance management advice for assessing and getting the best out of personnel in a global context. We can help provide feedback in a manner that aligns with local cultural norms and expectations.

Interim Head/Director of Human Resources

We can accommodate a temporary appointment of up to 6 moths by mutual agreement where that is considered to be an appropriate option.

Upskill your International HR competence

What is International HR? How to get the best out of lawyers in another country? How to minimize risk when moving people and businesses across boundaries? Where to start? We do tutoring and classroom training for HR teams and managers.